Saturday, 5 January 2013

Weekly update

Well my first week of this plastic adventure is up. It has been quite easy so far actually. I had to get take away for a couple of days because I hadn't gone grocery shopping. The places I went to either used paper (Baker's Delight) or allowed me to use my own container (Tower Sushi, N2). 

At Noodles by Noodles getting take away in my own container!

One question that came up this week - what about gloves? I have decided that because of food safe and health regulations I will have to have people wear gloves to help me. I will avoid it when I can and tolerate it when I can't. This year is about my personal plastic use, and I don't think that can count against me.

Another question I was asked - what about money? Ok well I am not sure how I can possibly go a year without having a debit card...again, its about reducing plastic waste.

I went shopping at Savers (aka Value Village) which was fun, but I realized I couldn't buy anything! All the clothing had plastic tags telling me the price. Its a good thing I don't actually need any new clothes :P. I will keep my eyes pealed for stores that have racks labeled or use ribbon or something for prices.

Something cool happened while I was at Savers though. I was tired of browsing so I decided to go look at a magazine. I picked up Australian Geographic because it had a frog on the front and I am still fresh off my frog trip. As I was flipping through an article caught my eye: 20 pages on waste management and plastic recycling. Hahaha! What are the chances? Obviously this year is meant to be :) I will post some of my findings from the article another time.

I just realized I have a challenge coming up - a conference I am going to in the middle of January. The conference is catered (including snacks) and I don't have any control over it. I will bring my own water bottle and coffee mug. I am not sure what else I can do. I will give it some thought over the next week.

Ok, bring it on week 2.

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