Saturday, 26 January 2013

Conference and plastic :S

Well I have completed the conference that I was worried about with the plastic use. Holy was there a lot of waste. Not just plastic but paper and bottles. Only a handful of people at the conference seemed to care about recycling. I was watching people throw glass bottles and huge amounts of clean paper. It was really awful. I did my best to push for recycling and I ended up picking up after a lot of people. Gah.

I resisted as much plastic as I could. There were cup noodles all over the place and I couldn't have any :(. I did have some if someone offered me a bite though. There was no choice at breakfast time. The milk came in plastic as did any toast toppings. I couldn't not eat so I shared with other people as well. Then someone bought me dinner that was take away in plastic :(. Booooo.

But the conference is over and I am back on the band wagon. Things are back in my control and I am going to rock it! Hurrah. I will get back to Melbourne tomorrow and then start planning the next adventure. Three weeks of travel, here I come!

More later!

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