Saturday, 12 January 2013

Missing bulk food :(

Homesickness finally hit me, and it was bulk food that triggered it. Of all things. My birthday, no problem, Canada day, easy, even Christmas wasn't too bad. But then I take away plastic, realize Australia doesn't do bulk food and suddenly I am missing Canada like crazy!

I have just found this photo on the internet, showing what I think of when I imagine a bulk foods section. I give credit of the photo to this website.

Ah the supermarkets and groceries stores with the bulk aisle. And you can get sugar and flour and grains and nuts... Even sprinkles! *big sigh* And then there are the stores that are completely devoted to bulk foods. Oh Bulk Barn, I never fully appreciated you until you were out of my reach. 

Not only are there very little bulk food places, Australians don't even know what I am talking about when I ask about them. People think I am meaning Costco. And fair enough, Costco does have big quantities of stuff, or "bulk." But no, there is a-whole-other way of grocery shopping out there! Let's get on it Melbourne. 

It is interesting as well because Melbourne is a very "with it" city. Very posh and trendy. And I was getting the impression that sustainable living was becoming a very trendy thing to do. It hasn't branched into the "accessible" market yet and is seen more as a snobbish thing to do. Snobbish isn't quite the right word...Regardless, I would think that Melbourne of all places would be jumping on board.

There are a few places who are getting on it. But it isn't just packaging free, it is everything. Ethical, fair trade, organic, natural etc. Granted these are all admirable qualities to strive for in products, I am just not sure I am there financially. And really, if it is organic but is from North America, is that really better than something not organic but grown locally? It's a tough call. And agonizing over it gives me a headache. This year I will stick with the plastic issue. See how much I can live with out or if it drives me batty. Then I can take on a new challenge. 

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