Thursday, 10 January 2013

Interesting idea...

A friend posted this on my facebook page today. It is an interesting idea on how to turn old pop bottles into solar lights. From a quick search it looks like it started in the Philippines. I think that it is innovative and uses stuff that we already have so good on them. I am not sure it is a long term solution to anything (uses bleach and plastic...) but it makes for an interesting discussion and it uses solar power! Certainly worth a read :) 

And how is my plastic quest going you ask? Still so far so good, although an interesting thing has happened. Not only am I becoming increasingly more aware of the use of plastic in the world around me, I am becoming much more aware of all other kinds of causes. Even more so than usual. I predict that before the year is up I will have jumped on every band wagon and driven myself crazy by trying to do too much.I will try and stick with just plastic for now...


  1. Unfortunately the video has expired, but I saw this on ABC news in December 2011. According to this news it was a youth group in Nairobi, Kenya that came up with the idea... but not to say others didin't come up with it at the same time. Such a clever idea!


  2. I follow a creative recycling site that regularly has ideas for recycling tires into lawn furniture or sculptures, wood pallets into works of art, shelves, chairs, etc and plastic drinking bottles into just about everything you can think of and more. Here's one idea

    The site is called Creative Recycling Ideas and I absolutely LOVE the ideas for wood pallets!! Like the page to see their posts every day

  3. Another web site I follow for more great ideas including recycling as it posts thoughts on repurposing wood pallets is called Backyard Diva -