The Goals

I feel like there are two ways to set goals: 1) make them achievable so that you can feel confident that you are going to succeed. Or, 2) set outrageously high goals so that even if you don't succeed 100% even coming close is a huge success. I have decided to go with option 2.

The goals for my year:

1) Have zero personal plastic waste.
                  - I will not buy anything has plastic packaging or will cause me to have to throw away plastic.

2) Reuse the plastic that I already own.
                  - I own some zip lock bags already. I will use those over and over but will strive for alternatives.

3) Become knowledgeable about the necessary plastic in the world and plastic that can be eliminated.
                 - I will continue to educate myself on the types of plastic, why its recyclable or not, and what it is used for.

That sounds good for now...


  1. Hi Bonnie. Congratulations on your project! If it's okay with you, I have added you to my list of plastic-free bloggers here:

    Even though you are in Australia and I am in the U.S., please let me know if you have any questions about living with less plastic. I've been on this journey since 2007 and have learned a lot!

    1. Hi Beth,

      Thanks! I have actually looked at your blog quite a few times. I thought about joining the week challenge but it didn't really fit since I am jumping right into have zero waste. I am from Canada and since starting this challenge have been missing somethings from North America. For example, there are no bulk food stores or sections at grocery stores here. So that has been a huge challenge. I am going to be traveling around a bit as well so I am hoping to be able to compare plastic use internationally.

      Thanks for the connection. I am very new to blogging and have yet to master links and tricks. Hopefully I can learn that as well as about plastic. I am sure I will be coming to you for advice over the year. Thanks for the support!