Saturday, 5 January 2013

First Shopping Adventure

I have successfully completed my first grocery shopping adventure including laundry soap!!! Hurrah :). I went to the Queen Victoria Market for veggies and then Coles ( :( ) but found pasta in card board ( :) )! I also went to a store called "Friends of the Earth" ( It is pretty cool (very hippy esk, my upstairs neighbours in Victoria would approve). It focuses on organic, fair trade, ethical and reduced packaging. I was mostly on a reconnaissance trip this time but found laundry soap. The way it works is most of the food is in bulk and you are encouraged to bring your own containers. So I brought my old laundry soap container. I filled it up half way and it cost me $9. Quite a bit more expensive than my usual full container at $2 (from the NQR) but my soul feels good and now I can have clean clothes this year!

Here are the bags I used.
Re-using an old container and plastic free TP!!!

My purchases!
 So far so good...

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