Sunday, 13 January 2013

Weekly Review

This week was a bit more challenging than last week. Good news: I remembered that butter is wrapped in paper. Oh man, could that have been a disaster. Sad news: I can't get batteries without plastic and I only have 5 left. Not a huge deal, but now that I have noticed I am quite distraught.

I had a hair appointment which was good. The colour sucked which was bad. But the cut was ok. The main thing though, she didn't use gloves! Wahoo. Granted it wouldn't have been my waste but it is still nice to know I wasn't contributing to excess plastic use. Course there was a lot of foil used....Gah you just can't win.

Grocery wise, I am pretty limited on the sauces that I can buy. Thank goodness I am not Australian. For those of you who also are not Australian, Australian's like sauces on things. A lot. Most come with that safety wrapper to ensure the product hasn't been tampered with. Even though the bottle is glass and the lid is metal, there is that tiny bit of wasted plastic wrap.

I took a friend grocery shopping today and it was a bit of an eye opener for her. She kept saying "Oh, you can't have this!" and "That means you can't buy this." Hahaha yup. Hopefully it will make me eat healthier because it cuts out just about all processed foods.

I haven't really craved anything that is only in plastic either. Probably because the challenge is still too new and exciting for me. I have a feeling that it might get old pretty quickly.

It will be really interesting when I run out of tooth paste....

Next week's goal:
Prepare for the conference. Figure out how to eat the food and have the snacks with out the plastic. I think I will have to make some cookies or something once I arrive in Adelaide. All the snacks will be in wrapping :(

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