Tuesday, 1 January 2013

January 1 2013, and so it begins....

There are a lot of issues in the world and as anyone who knows me knows, I have trouble focusing my energies on just one. Well, for at least the year 2013 I have decided to tackle one: plastic. I have enough knowledge about the subject to know that we need to make a change. How easy is it going to be? Well for the next year I shall learn and (hopefully) discover exactly that. 

I haven't done a lot of research as to how I will do this. The little bit that I have done (tips and things) are behaviours I already exhibit. But am I doing enough? No. So its time to make a change. I think it will be more of a learn as I go project. Day 1, so far so good. No plastic! What I really need to do is define the rules. So here they are:

1. Absolutely no unnecessary plastic. This includes plastic grocery bags, foods wrapped in plastic, plastic wrap, excess packaging, etc.

2. Avoid things made out of recyclable plastic. Even though it is recyclable, and I believe in recycling, I am going to try to avoid using things if I can.

3. Minimize the plastic usage when it is unavoidable. I am sure there will be somethings that will be unavoidable over the next year (deodorant comes to mind....). Try to use as little as possible and go for an alternative when available.

These are pretty broad rules and I am sure they will evolve and be amended over the next year.

*Clause 1 - ICE any and all plastic will be accepted. 

A couple other things might come up through out the year (gifts, going out with other people, plastic I already have...). Well, stuff I already own is usable. No point in throwing it away for nothing.

Day 1, as it stands right now, the extreme. Plastic Free!!!

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  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Love your quest for a plastic free 2013! Just thought I would mention that Lush make solid deodorants that you might like to try, like this one - http://www.lush.com.au/shop/product/product/path/187/id/364/deodorants-aromaco
    Good luck with it all, I look forward to reading your updates :)