Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hurray for Smoothies!

                    I got to have a smootie in my water bottle today. No plastic waste for me :D

                                                   Mango and passionfruit yumminess to go.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Weekly Review

Well it has been another couple of weeks on my plastic free challenge. I am half way through the month and so far things are going pretty well. Shopping for myself has been quite easy. I bought a few groceries and then spent most of the time going out to eat. I forgot my take away container at a pasta restaurant and so I put my left overs in my coffee mug. Haha it worked quite well actually.

I haven't run out of anything that requires plastic yet (deodorant, tooth paste etc) so that is good. One of my coworkers gave me a reciepe for toothpaste. I think I will probably try it when I have run out of my own.

One thing that has been a bit of a struggle lately is people offering things to me that have come in plastic. It seems like a bit of a cop-out so accept them. For example I went to a picnic and someone offered me chips. Mostly everything at the picnic came with plastic waste. Still, it felt like cheating...

I have two new challenges approaching me this week. The first one (and a tough one) is a headache I have ben suffering from. I got a migraine on Tuesday and I have been fighting it ever since. Now I have run out of medication :(... I will do my best to reduce the plastic waste (aka having a reusable bottle) but with migraines... I dunno. They are pretty awful and ruin things. Like today, I should be touring around Brisbane but I can't be bothered. I just want to sleep and get rid of this headache. Especially before my tour starts.

Which brings me to my next challenge. I have booked myself on a tour which starts on Thursday. I have no idea what that means for plastic use so, I brought my water bottle, my coffee cup and a set of travel tupperware. Hopefully that will be enough for the tour.

I guess I will jsut have to wait and see...

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


This was shared on my facebook page.


It is probably the grandest effort so far of re-purposing plastic bottles. I wonder of stable this is, how long it will last, how weather resistant it is? Certainly this is not a viable option for winter in Canada. I wonder how we could adapt it to be more viable. Hmmmmm

Perhaps it is just decoration? It is quite hard to tell from the picture. It would be interesting to follow up on this house 10 years down the line...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekly Review

Well I think that it is time for another weekly review. So far so good really. After the conference (where there was heaps of plastic use and waste :() I managed to make it back to Melbourne. I was too lazy to get all the way to the markets for groceries so I went to Coles instead. Not my cheapest move...

I did manage to get all the vegetables I normally would get though. I even bought spinach! I used the same paper bag that you put mushrooms in. I am not sure what the store policy for that is but I did self check out. I guess it isn't a big deal? I bought enough veggies for two weeks I'd say. Then I have one more week before I hit the vacation scene! I think that is going to bring a whole new level of challenge for me. Should be pretty exciting.

The other exciting thing that happened to me this week was hitting up the new Pasta place near work. When they were getting ready to open I stopped in and asked if I could bring in my own container for take away and they said yes. So I tried it :) The owner complimented me on my good idea! I'd like to say that it could catch on, but I have a feeling at some point there will be a food safe issue of some kind :(. For now though I will keep on using it!

I got pumpkin gnocchi with a basil pesto sauce and it was absolutely delicious!! (Bonus, they actually made the dish wrong, and when I offered to eat it anyway so it wouldn't get thrown away they told me someone would eat it for lunch. Hurrah to no waste!)