Sunday, 17 March 2013

Small vacation summary

Well I was able to finish my vacation. Hurrah! There was one incident of plastic use, a milk container, which I needed for my breakfast.  I was in a hotel and didn’t have any other option :(. The plastic itself is recyclable so hopefully it got recycled but I wasn’t able to see it through. I should start to keep a tally or something.

Then I had a week left in Australia which was quite easy to be plastic free. I used my plastic Tupperware container. I ate a lot of pasta in my last week :P.

 I will really miss this pasta place. The owner recognized me (or at least my container) and complimented me on how sustainable I was being. He also mentioned that I was the only one doing it. I'm not surprised :P Not many people carry around plastic containers. Which is too bad. I have gotten some free meals out of it :P.

Now I am in New Zealand and I will be evaluating the ease to be plastic free here. Challenge one: getting my family on board with the plan...

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