Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pre - post-vacation-update rant

Well I am angry. I am not sure what caused this anger, other than a few minor things and the inability to sleep in my hostel last night... yah that could be it. Either way, I am sick of living in this disposable waste society. Get it together Australia!!! Thank goodness I am leaving soon. Gah. 

The story:
Since I was feeling a bit blah and could use a pick-me-up I decided to have a coffee at the airport. I shopped around for the best price and I saw an organic fair trade stall! Hurrah. I decided that price aside I would support them. Luck would have it, they were also the cheapest!!  I am not quite sure how that worked out but I wasn’t going to question it. All excited I got out my travel mug (so I wouldn’t be creating any unnecessary waste J) and approached the counter with my money. And then it took a turn for the worst. My take away mug is too tall to fit under the machine (which I know) and so she was unable to make me anything. Well no, that isn’t quite true. She could make me a coffee in her paper cup and then I was allowed to pour it into my own mug from there. And then she would throw away the cup. Well yes, that is exactly what I wanted, what a wonderful suggestion. So I walked away from that and went to another coffee shop, this one with the ability to make to stay coffee. 

Full of hope and anticipation I held onto my mug and approached the counter. Sadly only slightly better news here. Apparently (according to “Skybury Coffee”) reusable mugs pose a huge health and safety threat with all the disease and contamination that the carry. The mug is not allowed to cross the counter line. Again, they offered to make me a coffee and I could pour it into my mug. I took them up on this offer since they at least could use reusable glass to make the coffee, unlike the first place. 

Clearly you have to pick and choose what to support. What is better – less waste or fair wages? Well if we don’t decrease our waste eventually we will be living in a dump. If we don’t support fair wages then some people will continually be living in a dump. If we boycott the industry together no one will get wages fair or not and we will end up with some really cranky North Americans. Gah.

This did bring up one question for me, as all great scientific research starts. What kind of contamination could possibly occur with the bringing of your own mug? It seems quite odd to me that this problem has never occurred to Canadians. To my understanding, Canadians are very concerned with health and safety. You know, kids can’t touch each other at school or day care anymore because tag is such a dangerous game. Don’t let them wear scarves because they might choke (not that it is cold in Canada in the winter or anything...). But the most important one of all, don’t let their backpacks touch!! That is how all diseases spread. How is it possible that a country so that so clearly controls health and safety could miss such an important issue? We allow take away mugs everywhere!! In fact, most places even give a discount to customers who bring them. Oh dear. Clearly Canada is going to go downhill. Thank goodness all the coffee drinkers in Australia will be safe.

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